Let’s see where this goes…

Emotions make me uncomfortable so I hand them over to my pen and make him deal with them. I started writing at the ripe, young age of fourteen, where I convinced myself that I would beat Nicholas Sparks at making people believe in a love that could only be created with a word processing software. I eventually got over that goal and for the next eight-years or so, I started testing my creativity in other mediums. From painting to acting, nothing allowed me to emotionally connect with both, art and myself, so eventually God led me back to writing. Not sure why he did that but I guess I’ll roll with it.

Nothing bothers me more than people believing that you need to conform your writing to one niche or genre. I just don’t get it. Your mind doesn’t only have one thought. Your soul doesn’t only have one emotion. Your life doesn’t consist of only one experience, and your heart doesn’t only have one love, so why should writing be limited to one type? I’ve never liked being told what to do and especially not with the one thing I connect with the most.

With that being said, on here you can find things such as: Blogs, Poetry, Short Stories, and probably a bunch of other random stuff.

Thank You for checking out my work.

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