Community Colleges Aren’t Bad, so Shut Up!

Since the beginning of time (not actual facts), Community Colleges have had many stigmas placed on them, making people believe that it’s not “culturally acceptable” to attend one in place of a University.

That’s dumb to me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a community college.

It pisses me off that people have to feel bad about themselves just for getting an education.

Going to Community College doesn’t mean that you aren’t smart enough to go to a 4-Year. It just means that it’s a better suit for YOUR life.

People go to Community Colleges for many reasons, including:

  • It’s closer to home.
  • It’s SO MUCH cheaper.
  • You can balance work AND school without stressing tf out.
  • You can get your Gen-Eds out of the way.
  • It gives you time to decide on a major without wasting money and time at a University.
  • Improve your GPA.

So no, going to a Community College doesn’t mean you weren’t smart or worthy enough to go straight to a University. It also doesn’t always mean that you’re too broke to go either.

It’s annoying that some people – including myself – have to feel embarrassed whenever people ask what college you attend because it’s not “impressive enough”.

I’m going to say something that’s going to make conservatives, old people, University alumni, and people with no lives in general cringe.

You ready?

I was home-schooled AND now I attend a Community College.



But here’s the thing. I made those choices.

I wasn’t thrown into the “pits of hell” because I wasn’t “good enough” for “heaven”.

I chose to be home-schooled because regular school was tough, not mentally, but physically and emotionally.

Moving to a city that I wasn’t familiar with in the slightest was difficult. Making new friends is never easy, but being a new kid who also happens to be disabled made it ten times harder.

Being in a wheelchair,  I also needed a lot of help in school. I needed someone to be there to help me with the restroom, with my books, with opening doors, etc.

I had an assistant following me around all day, every day. Obviously this would make a kid feel embarrassed and make it more difficult to comfortably talk to classmates.

It was really hard so I decided to home-school.

When it came to college, I had decent grades in high school and received a 1330 SAT score, so I probably could’ve went straight to a University had I put in the effort. Instead, I took a two-year gap after graduating before making the decision to further my education.

Since I took so much time off of school, I was worried that going to a University would’ve been too intense. That, and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to major in.

I figured if I started at a Community College, I could play around until I found what I was passionate about.

Honestly, I planned on transferring after two years until I fell in love with my school.

The campus was beautiful (it had two Starbucks which was a major plus for me),  it was incredibly diverse, it was very disabled-friendly, everyone is so nice, they had plenty of study abroad programs, ninety-percent of my professors were fun, energetic, and genuinely loved their jobs, and they had a great writing program.

The professors were more than qualified for their positions, with all of them having masters and doctorate degrees and having taught at Universities.

It’s one of the top Community Colleges in the U.S.

If you go to a CC then be proud of it! I am. Because there’s nothing wrong with going to Community College.

Question Time:

  • What are your thoughts on Community Colleges vs. Universities?

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